Food & Beverage

Offer is for ‘Room Only’ basis; guests are free to bring in their own food & beverages. Guests also have the following options:

  • Our neighbor at Casa Amarilla, Sandra can put together Hot Home Cooked fare – subject to advance order – delivered in insulated lunch boxes/tiffins to your room.
  • Or you can visit the restaurants – “Goan Delicacies” or “Arcangela” as well as other nearby restaurants also located within walking distance away from Casa Amarilla.
  • Or ‘Order–In’ from the home delivery eateries – the menus of which are placed in the room.
  • You can even ‘Do-Your-Own-Cooking’, in our Studio Suites which are equipped with a functional mini Kitchenette.
  • A general store offering your everyday needs is located just opposite Casa Amarilla, whilst the more swanky mini supermarkets are located a 15 minutes’ walk away.
  • Drinking Water thru water purifier/filter at ground floor is available too.